Kings Kids

Kings Kids

Kings Kids (our Children’s Ministry program) covers from 9mo-6th grade, offered during our 11am service.

New Children’s Protocols:

Our goals in setting these policies is to maintain a safe atmosphere for your children, while also balancing the practicality of teaching little humans in an age appropriate way. Below are our policies after taking counsel from a  group of parents, teachers, with reference to EEC guidelines.

  • Social distancing will be encouraged in classrooms as much as reasonably possible.
  •  Masks – No masks for kids 0-2, optional for kids 2-5, and required for Kids 6+ if unable to social distance, or when moving to/from the classrooms.
  • Temp Checks – We will do temp checks via infrared thermometer on each child’s forehead.
  • There will be signs in the Fellowship Hall signifying that attendees of Kings Kids and their parents realize the viral risks inherent in a child-friendly environment, even given these protocols.
  • Teachers may lower their masks when six feet away from the children (for teaching, directing, etc) but will wear a mask when closer than that distance to the children.
  • Hand Sanitizer  is readily available in each classroom.
  • Nursery Workers and Sign-In Workers will need to wear masks.
  • New Life has a Wellness Policy for kids – if your kids have been sick within 24 hours, please do not bring them to King’s Kids.

Nursery is available at 10:50am. We encourage all parents to pre-register their children, when they arrive at church.  Our Pre-K-6th grade kids programming starts after the music portion of the service is concluded (approx. 11:25am) and just before Pastor Jeff stands up to preach.  At that time, all the children are invited to go to Kings Kids. Parents can escort their child to the Check-In Station in the Fellowship Hall, if they have not already pre-registered when arriving. If you don’t know where to go, just follow the mob of kids!

New Kids & Parents – At the Check In station, you will be asked to register your child, and will be given a name badge. Keep this badge, because this will tell us what child belongs to you when the classes are over. If your child has any allergies or considerations, you can notify the Check-In station volunteers at that time.

Class Dismissal/Pickup: Children’s classes conclude right around 12:30 when the main service concludes. Parents of Nursery & Pre-K can come to the Check-In station in the fellowship hall to pickup their children. Parents of K-6th graders will come to the Front Building to pickup their children.

The class room experiences are geared toward teaching spiritual lessons to each age group at their own level.

The classes are interactive, engaging and just plain fun! Children learn Bible verses and stories out of the Bible, and are challenged to honor God in their decisions in very practical ways. While the child’s spiritual development is ultimately the parent’s responsibility at first, we want to partner with you in this important aspect of your child’s development.

Some sample lessons of what your child might learn are: Why it is important to be truthful, How to be a good friend, How much God loves them, Why we should obey our parents, and many many more biblical themes.

We have several core values we abide by to make this the best possible experience for your child.

We want you as a parent to be able to listen and learn, without worrying about your child. So, we have taken these steps to let you know we take the safety & well-being of your child very seriously.

  • We always have two teachers per classroom.
  • All of our classrooms have doors with windows in them.  Our classrooms and hallways are monitored regularly for safety.
  • We require all of our volunteers to undergo a background check.
  • We require all parents to check in/check out their child, so we always know what child belongs to whom.
  • To pickup your child, you must show up with the badge given to you at the check-in station.
  • In the event of an emergency, we have procedures & radios in place to ensure prompt response to any potential problems.
  • In the event your child needs you, one of our volunteers will notify you immediately.