We know it can be intimidating to come to a new place, and meet new people. We understand!

This is a place of imperfect, messed-up people who have found help & hope. We love each other, and love to serve our community. We like to worship together, eat together, serve together,  and have fun together. Ultimately man was made for community, and we believe the best kind of community experience is one where Christ is in the center.

There is room for you to get plugged in, and the chances are very good that there are some of our folks who are in the same boat and life circumstances you are going through. Life is tough sometimes, but it’s a little easier when we go through it together and we have God’s help guiding us along the way.

The pastors of our church would love to meet you personally and hear your story!

Of course you can say hello on Sunday mornings, but if you would like to communicate anything else with them or simply want to ask them a few questions, simply text “Hello” to 413-424-3061.  It will prompt you for a few bits of information, and one of our pastors will contact you on your cell phone.

Or if you would like to send a quick message below, feel free to do that as well!

Want more information about our Sunday Services?  Maybe you’re wondering what exactly to expect here?

    Our church is missing one person to be complete — YOU!