Church is Open!

Church is Open!

We are open for services!

There will be a signup sheet by the front door, and we ask that you sign in before entering. Please arrive 15 minutes before services start at 9am & 11am, so  you have time to get settled. 
Here are 5 Things to Know,
that we ask you agree with before attending.

1) Yes, you need to wear a mask. (unless you have a medical reason not to wear one)
*kids ages 2-5 at the discretion of parents.

2) We know you want to socialize. We get it, and we do too! However please limit your interactions as much as reasonably possible. There will not be coffee hour nor coffee available.

3) Church isn’t going to look the same. As much as we do not like it, we ask that you come in quickly, sit down for services, and then exit as instructed.

4) Parents are responsible for their own children, and we ask that you keep them with you except when they are at class. We do have classes for nursery – 6th grade available during the 11am service time, and we have several protocols in place to keep our children safe. 

5) Please maintain six feet of distance, and honor that same rule with your seating.


We don’t like this any more than you do. But think of how bad it would be if we helped spread the virus to someone who was vulnerable; that is why we are asking you to take these drastic measures for the time being.

If you cannot attend in person, we will continue offering services streamed live on Sunday mornings via Facebook or Youtube. You can also watch past messages.